With the evolution of technology and growing convergence of services, especially in the ICT domain, boundaries between Telecom, IT, Media, and Entertainment are blurring. We are witnessing the emergence and rapid prominence of new classes of service providers and stakeholders in the technology and media sectors with rising trends of new businesses. These technological developments in the telecom sector and improvements in the telecom and broadcasting services provided by the service providers are very important in enhancing the user experience in Telecom, Broadcasting, IT, and emerging technology sectors in India. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997 (TRAI Act, 1997) inter alia mandates TRAI to promote and ensure orderly growth of the telecommunication sector.

Under the aforesaid mandate, TRAI is endeavouring to create a pool of knowledge resources that shall enable a robust ecosystem for cross-industry/sectoral research in areas like Telecom, ICT, Broadcasting and related future technologies. With this objective, TRAI has set up the 'TRAI Centre of Studies and Research' (TCSR) for the furtherance of this mandate. TCSR intends to become a mechanism to conceptualize, coordinate and enable individual initiatives by bodies working in such areas that will act as a force multiplier and significantly enhance the outcomes.

TCSR aims to work in close coordination with the industry and academia to achieve its objectives. For this purpose, TCSR endeavours to empanel academic institutions of repute from the fields of engineering, economic regulation, public policy, law, and such other fields as may be suitable following its objectives. The empanelled knowledge partners will contribute to the enhancement of research and knowledge in the field of new and emerging technologies that will apply to the areas of focus identified by the Centre.