Interaction with FICCI on "Ease of Doing Business"

TRAI has issued a consultation paper on “Ease of Doing Business of telecom and broadcasting sector” on 08.12.2021 to identify various issues in the existing processes while starting and doing business in the country and suggest measures for the reforms required in the regulatory processes, policies, practices and procedures in the telecom and broadcasting sector for creating conducive business environment in India.

The Authority desired to held an interactive session on ease of doing business by domain experts from the industry under the TCSR platform. Pursuant to this, TRAI had conducted an interactive session on “Ease of Doing Business” with FICCI in virtual mode under TCSR on 4th February 2022 (Friday) at 11:00 AM. Speakers from different industry segments were present to provide a broader perspective on the underlying issues and potential enabling measures towards promoting ease of doing business.

In this regard, several eminent speakers were present from various verticals of the telecom, ICT and broadcasting industry. During the interactions/talk, the bottlenecks being faced by the stakeholders while commencing and doing a business under licenses issued by the different ministries had been discussed. The Authority got to know the wider views of the industry experts on this subject.