Every new technology/business model brings in disruptions and issues in several areas. As a regulator it is important to understand the various dimensions of evolving technologies to have a pro-active approach towards it. TRAI CSR conducted a knowledge workshop on Metaverse. According to a report, the entire ecosystem of the metaverse is expected to be worth over $1.5 Trillion by 2030 and impacting sectors like gaming, healthcare, ed-tech, and ‘Industry 4.0’.

The session started with the overview session on Introduction to the Metaverse with representatives from various organizations developing the technology across various sectors. The second session was on Metaverse and Convergence where we covered the convergence of various technologies being used to create the immersive experience. We also discussed the various use cases and infrastructure requirements of the technology.

The third session was on the challenges and opportunities in Web 3.0. It covered topics such as the future of intellectual property, privacy and other rights in the Metaverse. It also covered the regulatory aspects of the technologies used.